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Two Apps for Savvy Event Planning

In our hunt for "all things fun, fabulous, and affordable" in the wedding industry, I checked into a local DC Tech Meet-up last night. There were tons of stellar apps and tech sites demo'd by some serious #TechInnovators.  One that shined particularly brightly was SocialTables (, a dynamic tool widely used by event pros and hotels.  

Working with floorplans, SocialTables seamlessly lays out event spaces on a user-friendly platform.  Let your imagination run wild here, planners and brides!  You can set a ballroom or expo space to fit exactly to your specs, organize seating arrangements by guest name, and even throw in needed registration/greeting tables or booths, furniture, and more into the space.  If that weren't enough, SocialTables creates a 3-D walk-through model of your environment.  How cool is that?



Photo credits, in order: Boston Event Planning/Corinthian Events,,

With the user capabilities, the massive saving of time and energy, ease of use, and a multitude of options for space design and seating, SocialTables is a gem I'm sure glad was discovered on the hunt for all things awesome.

Honorable Mention:

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention one app to keep on your radar, planners.  SurveySnap (, headed up by Ryan Sears, is a customizable web platform that allows users to collect info on a site and create layouts of the entire building. More capability is being built out for wedding and event planners since the current, dominant user demographic is comprised of engineers and architects.


Until next time... Happy planning!

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