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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline & Checklist - Part VII (The 2-Week Countdown)

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Note from the Editor:

Greetings, Friends!  

We have reached the finale of The Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline series, a tremendously beneficial segment.  Enjoy today's post on the final two weeks leading up to your wedding.  We hope you’ve gleaned much wedding planning know-how during this series from Jeffrey Brown of JaiLynn Events.  The fun doesn’t stop here! We have some super cool posts coming down the pipeline from more bonafide pros in their arena!  Make sure to subscribe to this blog, so you never skip a beat.  Until next time…

Happy planning!


P.S.  Jeff, thanks sincerely for partnering with us on this fun + informative series.

2 WEEKS from Your Wedding Day

Final Gown Fitting in Shoes, Headpiece, and Jewelry

  1. Be sure to learn how to bustle your gown.

  2. Make sure your fitting is paid for.

Give Picture List to Photographer of Moments You Must Have Captured

  1. Confirm your package.

  2. Confirm cost of extras.

  3. Do you have proof of availability date?

  4. Discuss final payment amount if there is a balance.

  5. Discuss and confirm start time, day, and location!

Final Steps for DJ:  Give Playlist & Special Songs List + My Tips

  1. Make sure you have heard his work (mixing beats and his ability to hype the guests).

  2. Your DJ can make or break a reception, so:

    1. Discuss the flow of dance music.

    2. Remind If floor clears on a song, he should fade out discreetly and move quickly to another.

    3. Confirm his arrival time and set-up location.

Finalize, Finalize, Finalize - and Re-confirm!

  1. Give final head counts to vendors and get final pricing.

  2. Finalize seating chart and floor plans.  Give copies to all parties concerned.

  3. Write out final checks to vendors.

  4. RE-CONFIRM contracted agreements and schedules with all VENDORS.

    - Remember to confirm your appointment for hair and nails to get done the day-of or before your wedding.

  5. RE-CONFIRM schedule and duties with all WEDDING PARTICIPANTS. (Reference Part II's entry).

  6. Have welcome baskets dropped at hotel for out-of-town guests.

Get Fabulous!

  1. Have a spa day for waxing, facials, etc.

  2. Pick up your wedding dress, and keep away from the Groom!

The Day Before Your Wedding - ONE MORE DAY!

Get Mani & Pedi

Have Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

  1. Give bridal party gifts out at the rehearsal dinner (or at the rehearsal if no dinner is being held).

  2. Give rings to Best Man and Maid or Matron of Honor.

Try Get Some Rest!



You’ve arrived at your big day!  All you probably have left to do in terms of preparation is get your hair done.  The last two items on the agenda?  


Thank you for going step-by-step with me on the wedding planning journey!  If I can help you plan your big day in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

- Jeffrey Brown

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