Photo credit: WorkingBrides.com
While you'll have plenty of projects to "DIY," your wedding day, one of the most important days of your life, may not be one of them. With 13 years in wedding planning, here are my top 4 reasons to enlist the help of a pro and forsake going it alone.
Top 4 Reasons Why Not to DIY:
1. Stress. Most women haven't planned a wedding, and it's not as simple as picking a mate, a date, place, time and inviting your loved ones. 
2. Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck. Negotiating with vendors is easier with a trained professional, and wedding planners often have creative ideas, connections to save you money, and know through experience what does - and doesn't - work to make your day unique and special. Decor and set design without proper knowledge of layout nuances can cause bad traffic flow and empty space.  Unbeknownst to many DIY brides, novice spatial design leaves room for your set-up to appear off-balance, as if something is missing in some areas yet overcrowded in others.  
3. Time - especially being employed or if you have children. The phone calls and meetings with vendors are endless. Often, miscommunications happen as vendors may misconstrue your ideas; this can cause major problems in you getting what you desire. Having a professional represent you saves you time and money for the above reasons in additional to stopping the potential of additional fees incurred by vendor miscommunications.  You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer, would you?
4. Timing is everything. Losing the only commodity you can't get back - time - because of poor coordination can ruin your entire day and cost you $$$$. Here's a scenario that most of you can attest to from going to others' weddings: The wedding ceremony starts, say, 15 minutes late, then the photographer loses track of time and gets pushed back 15 minutes. Now, the bridal party is late 15 more minutes arriving to the reception venue, and whoever is in charge is 15 minutes later getting things rolling there. An hour behind now has cut off your standard 4-hour reception time or has cost you an additional hour - in addition to the staff from the catering  company and clean-up staff all expecting additional fees. What's worst, the quality of the food will be majorly impacted as things have been warming an extra hour or so, which the guest will notice.