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An Ounce of Perspective Today is Worth Pounds (£'s) Tomorrow


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All is well in the world.  He finally popped the question as you've dreamed time and time again.  Except now, it's a reality.  You screamed the same ecstatic "YES!" as rehearsed so many times in your head.  It's time to start planning your "perfect day."

It's at this juncture, ladies, that we wrap our minds around what signifies "perfect" - for us.  If your diaries were anything like most Princess Brides, we somehow equated perfection with lots of existential things - the dress, the towering cake draped in elegance - maybe with "Mini Me's" of you and your beau atop, and a ceremony/reception site decked out to the max!  Sure, it's great to want all these things to add to your day, but their attainment will still put your definition far short of "perfect" and your hard-saved bank balance just short. 

What's really the point of the wedding? It's the celebration in which you marry your best friend, the day your two hearts commit before those most important to you, declaring hopes those hearts will beat in rhythm for life.  It's the day symbolizing your perfect love - accepting one another's quirks and imperfections, forsaking all others for the epic love of a lifetime!  At the end of the day, your pure love and respect for one another makes the day "perfect."  

Remember that when well-intentioned relatives and "experts" add in their two cents.  Remember that when you are tempted to splurge unnecessarily.  With a wedding still comes bills and the inevitable trade-off between having more for that one day or more for your future life with your love. 

Some practical steps?  Check back for some helpful "To Dos" to discuss with your betrothed!

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