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Darlene Rucker-Williams is the owner of Stylish & Stellar Gifts by Dar.  "Customizing is her biz," and dozens of loyal customers agree that she is "stellar" at it.  Darlene is also the creator of The Zuky Collection, a branch of her company that specializes in custom gift arrangements for that special pet in your life.  Connect with Darlene on Facebook:

Surprising Men in Your Life With Gifts

Gift baskets are often viewed as gifts for women, but... I'm here to tell you that men love surprises and gifts, too! We definitely have to customize the gift, so it appears masculine. Using key items (such as their favorite color, sports or hobby items, or cologne) and including dark-colored towels or robes help the gift baskets to have a masculine feel.

All the men's gift baskets that I have customized for my customers have been HITS!! Not only was the man surprised, but he was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of the gift! The men who received the gifts really appreciated the attention to detail in their various gift baskets.  

Here are a couple examples from real customers: 

One guy loved Starbucks Coffee. For Valentine's Day, his girlfriend hired me to customize a basket for him, so I assembled a coffee-themed basket filled with various flavors of Starbucks Coffee, his favorite candy, and we put in "Love Mugs" for the two of them to share. Guess what? He loved it!!!


Another guy is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan!  For his birthday, his wife had me create a Dallas Cowboys basket for him containing paraphernalia that he didn't already have.  This collection was stocked with goodies like Dallas Cowboy glass beer mugs, a Dallas Cowboys scarf, and other items all inside a masculine leather-trimmed trunk!  (Our gift baskets aren't always the standard type of basket, which makes gifts from Stylish & Stellar Gifts by Dar more unique able to really stand out)!


So, what can we take from this? Brides, be sure not to leave out special gifts for your father, your groom, father of the groom, groomsmen, and the officiant (a male officiant in this blog entry's case). A personalized Bible or Bible cover is an excellent item to add to any officiant's gift basket! 

Closing reminder: Men love receiving awesome gifts, too! To see more gift ideas, please visit

Remember... Always Be Stylish & Stellar!


Photography credit: Stylish & Stellar Gifts by Dar

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I have become a Stylish and Stellar Gifts by Dar fanatic! Every gift basket I have purshased for my associates, friends, and fami... Read More
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Wonderful article. Thanks for giving me some wonderful gift giving ideas.
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