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How to Lose 15 Pounds Before Your Wedding


Would you like to lose 15 pounds before your wedding?  

If you answered, “yes,” you’re not alone.  In a recent survey both men and women were asked about their highest priority before tying the knot.  

Their answer… losing weight.  

Losing weight before their wedding was more important than finding the perfect dress, the cake, and even booking an amazing venue.

If you think about it, this actually makes a lot of sense.  People look their best when they’re lean and toned, but sometimes life can get in the way.  When this happens losing 15 or 20 pounds can be necessary to getting back to that craveable look that we all want.

Losing weight before your wedding simply requires that you follow a few easy steps, but the commitment can be a serious undertaking that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Before starting any new weight loss diet, please consult your doctor.

Your Diet

It’s easy to follow any of the hundreds of diets that are thrown in your face all the time, but it’s very important that you choose a diet that you can really stick to.

If you think of this diet as something that you’ll do long term, it will help your chances of success through your wedding.  And we’d all love to see you continue your new healthy diet long after your wedding and into your new life ahead.

Dieting can have many pitfalls, so be sure to plan out your diet in advance.  Find recipes, and cook your meals at home.  That way you can easily pack foods with you throughout the day.  This will keep you from slipping into the diet trap that includes getting hungry and eating out.  

If you find that you do end up eating out and having foods that aren’t on your diet, look back and analyze the series of event that lead to that action.  That way you can quickly bounce back to your diet plan and be back on track to losing 15 pounds before your wedding.

Here are a couple of great recipes that you can make today…

Beef and sweet potato

1-2 pounds of grass fed ground beef

½ yellow onion

2 yellow or orange sweet potatoes

1 stick grass fed butter

Turn stove top to ¾ temp. Chop up onion and add to frying pan.  Add ground beef to onions.  Cook until beef is ready.  Microwave sweet potatoes until nice and soft.  Plate sweet potatoes, and cut lengthwise.  Add about 1/8th cube of butter to each sweet potato (while hot).  Add ground beef and onions on top of sweet potato.  Add organic, low sugar ketchup if desired.  This make 2-4 meals depending on your calorie needs.

Amazing Scrambled Egg Salad

2-4 free range chicken eggs

Organic spinach

Organic coconut oil

Organic string cheese

Turn stove top to ¾ temp.  Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to a frying pan.  Add 2-4 cups spinach to frying pan.  Add eggs to frying pan.  Add 1 stick of string cheese to frying pan.  With a plastic spatula chop string cheese into ½ inch chunks.  You can also chop up the spinach in the pan.  Then scramble the eggs until cooked.  Serve warm or cold.  

You can find more great recipes at:



Your diet is only half of the equation.  Exercising will supercharge your weight loss efforts.  But like dieting it’s important that you keep yourself on track.  

To keep yourself on track and motivated it can be helpful to make appointments with yourself in advance.  Or find a reliable workout buddy that can keep you accountable.  A lot of times you can find this person in your wedding party.  If one of your bridesmaids has a good workout routine, ask if you can tag along.  

Also keep in mind that your exercise routine will be easier to stick to if you enjoy the activity.  Try many different things.  There are so many different types of exercise routines, and there’s a good chance that you can find one that’s right for you.  

At, we’ve found that using your body weight as resistance in your weight loss workouts can be one of the most effective for reaching your goals.  Here are a couple of workouts that you can do over the next few days.

Warm up

3 rounds of:

20 arm circles forward

20 arm circles backward

15 air squats

10 push-ups on toes or knees

30 second plank on toes

Workout #1

Set a stopwatch for 10 minutes, and during that time complete the below routine as many times in that 10 minutes as you can.

20 air squats

-go as deep as your flexibility allow, and stand up tall at the top.

15 push-ups on toes or knees

-these are full range of motion.  Chest to floor to elbows locked out.

10 sit-ups

-lying flat on the ground with bent knees to sitting all the way up and touching your shoes.

Workout #2

*use the same warm up

4 round as fast as you can with good form of:

Run 400 meters

20 walking lunges

1 minute plank on elbows and toes

Your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life. Showing your spouse that you care about your health and are going to be around for a long time is the greatest way to show them you love them.  Wedding diets aren’t easy, but they’re incredibly rewarding when you stick to them!

If you’d like a workout routine for your wedding, visit



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